Q1. What is synthetic data?

Ans: Data (audio/visual/text etc.) generated by a computer algorithm is synthetic data. It is not recorded in real-world like it is generally done.

Q2. What are typical synthetic data use cases?

Ans: Generally, most of our clients use synthetic data for personalised marketing, lip-sync correction, MetaVerse use cases and multi-lingual content generation.

Q3. Is synthetic data generation safe?

Ans: Synthetic data has a lot of applications in advertisement & hyper-personalised messages. We source, store and generate data with appropriate consents and policies.

Q4. How long does it take to generate synthetic data?

Ans: For generating high quality data, platform needs to learn the audio-visual patterns through training. Our tech can train & create a high fidelity audio-visual digital avatar in around 7 days.

Q5. How much ‘real’ audio/video data required to create a digital avatar?

Ans: With around 10 minutes of video data containing the face & 30 minutes of clean speech audio, a digital avatar can be created with audio/video model

Q6. How easy it is to integrate Kroop AI solution to any existing stack?

Ans: Very easy! Kroop AI solution can be used as a Plug’n’Play solution with just API level calls. With our cloud studio IDE, an editor is also available to generate the content.

Q7. Can synthetic data of celebrities be generated?

Ans: Technology can generate anybody’s data but to use it for any commercial/advertisement purpose, consent & legal contract with the celebrity is required.

Q8. Does Kroop AI application provide lip-sync while dubbing in real time?

Ans: : Lip-sync in MetaVerse is close to real time. However, for `real’ avatars-based data (e.g. movies) the lip-sync is done as post processing to obtain high quality.

Q9. Can the tool generate videos with audio as input?

Ans: Yes, audio only can also be used to generate videos.

Q10. Does Kroop AI provide Audio deep fake detection as well?

Ans: Yes, both video & audio deep fake detection is provided as API for content creators to check any misuse of their data.

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